Elements Education Tech Support & Content Distribution

Understanding the growing need for cracking the competitive examinations through online mode, Elements Education has introduced the concept of conducting the internal test with the help of devices with an inbuilt software designed by us. This software will also help the students to grasp concepts which were missed or misunderstood in the class.

It also helps the students to study their mistakes in detail and work on curbing the same mistakes in future. It helps the students in building a positive study behavior for cracking the competitive exams. Many things can go wrong with learning processes; and we at Elements education pursue technology to guide and encourage students.


We have a rich, resourceful library which is home to books from each and every stream. We provide technical support to inquisitive students and curious thinkers.

We have a rich, resourceful library which is a home to books for each and every stream. The goal is to ensure that all the students have equitable access “ to books and reading, to information and to information technology.”

Hidden Elements

Hidden Elements is a program which impart students the very fundamental qualities of learning. The program uses creativity as a tool for developing thinking ability. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. The more we dive deeper, the more we get closer to accessing concepts that were once alien to us. The process of being creative involves being able to see associations among elements that seem radically different. It requires us to be open to the new experiences. This approach is very crucial in understanding the evaluation mechanism of IIT JEE. IIT JEE never assesses memorization to rank students. Unfortunately students are aware of only this system of examination. Hence Elements Education has introduced the program 'Hidden Elements' and is widely appreciated by the students.

The program works on the fundamental qualities of education like:

Problem Solving
Seeking Possibilities, and
Emotional Development

It is a propitiatory program of School of Creativity.

It results in developing the ability to learn and facilitates scope to think. The programs is designed to encourage participants to indulge in a number of cognitive tasks such as concentration, problem solving, critical thinking, persistence, making choices, implementation and evaluation.