A saying goes " A good beginning results in good ending."  That is what we aim at for the so called BEGINNERS. Learning methods, grasping powers, understanding level, and application is what is the Elements Education's subject experts believe in and focus on passing on the belief in the students.


The course designed to lay the foundation for the upcoming tasks. Uniquely created by the experienced faculties keeping in mind the obstacles faced by students while learning and preparing for competitive examinations. The course covers all aspects including performance enhancement in boards examinations as well for next year.


The course that moves forward in terms of foundation laid in the previous years. Crafted by experienced faculties to give students a brief exposure for the upcoming competitive exams and a surety to prepare and perform to their best in the board examinations. A course designed and taught in a manner to strengthen the base and basics of the future Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Economists, or anything and anyone that a true student aspires to be.


National Talent Search Examination is a way to identify talented students across India . A examination given by students in Class X which portrays a student's ability to define education in a manner that he or she has learnt. Elements Education strongly believes in giving a WIND IT'S PATH TO FLOW. To clear the one of the most in prestigious exam which is a dream of most of the sincere students, Elements Education's subject expertise assist students from grass root level ( Class VIII AND IX) to understand question of all subjects conceptually. Also giving them fair knowledge of how to deal with Mental Ability questions is a integral part of the syllabus. Not only clearing the examination provides financial assistance but the journey of clearing the examination helps the students to deal with questions intellectually. Methodology kept in mind by teachers to make the path of students easy to explore questions in all possible manner.


This year is intended for instilling the basics of the JEE syllabus. The initial phase of this year is planned to provide a smooth transition from the school lessons to JEE coursework. Assignments and periodic query solving sessions have also been planned.


This course has been attentively designed with regular tests and study hours and a systematic revision schedule with separate time periods set aside for preparations for board exams, including the elective subjects for state board. Question banks replete with archives of the exams will also be provided.