Who we are

Elements Education is an institute, inclined towards helping students learn basic sciences for IITJEE. This institute is founded by young science enthusiasts who are experienced in guiding students for IITJEE. Elements education believes in revolutionising learning methods with ample amount of scientific exposure and modern technology.

Our Vision

Albert Einstein once said- "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school." The two years after the 10th standard stands crucial for students who seek to see their future in IITs. These years set the foundation in understanding sciences. Physics, chemistry and mathematics gives students great insight in the developmental journey of science and technology. We believe in inculcating conceptual knowledge of the subjects and our teachers create love for knowledge seeking by divulging the myriad of stories, concepts and logic that lie hidden beneath the theories of these sciences.

Our Mission

We want to eliminate every single flaw in the existing learning process. We sincerely believe that every child has a special element in him or her; and we want to help our students to find this innate unique element and nurture it into consciousness. In our quest to understand the reasons for failure, we realized that the key issue was the lack of synchronization between the requirements of the examination and the skill sets of the students. We strive hard to establish this synchronization to help our students achieve success and avoid failures.


A Course That Can Change The Course of Your Life !


The course that moves forward in terms of foundation laid in the previous years. Crafted by experienced faculties to give students a brief exposure for the upcoming competitive exams and a surety to prepare and perform to their best in the board examinations. A course designed and taught in a manner to strengthen the base and basics of the future Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Economists, or anything and anyone that a true student aspires to be.


This year is intended for instilling the basics of the JEE syllabus. The initial phase of this year is planned to provide a smooth transition from the school lessons to JEE coursework. Assignments and periodic query solving sessions have also been planned.


This course has been attentively designed with regular tests and study hours and a systematic revision schedule with separate time periods set aside for preparations for board exams, including the elective subjects for state board. Question banks replete with archives of the exams will also be provided.

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We follow all the best possible stratergies to provide our students the latest and the best they deserve.